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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Onederland, frustration, triumph, getting noticed, and running ... what's next?

This week I've felt both frustrated and triumphant. Frustrated that the gain from last week held steady ALL week long, not budging at all (whereas I usually start seeing a drop by Thursday) and yet triumphant that I ran for 25 minutes straight ... three times! Seriously, Go Me! Each time it was hard, but I made it. Each time I loudly cheered "you rock!" when I finished. That's really important, because as someone who's not always had the best 'self-talk' I've made a decided effort to change that and be more kind to myself - encouraging, even. More about running in a minute, but let's get my disappointing stats out of the way first thing.

Today I weighed in at 90.7kg (199.96 lb) so I'm back in Onederland but just barely! That's a loss of just 200g from last week, which is just .44 pounds. A loss is a loss ... yada yada yada. I know. I know all that but I feel like I've been stagnant for too long. It's feeling like a plateau which worries me because typically in past weight loss attempts if I'm lucky enough to make it below 200 pounds, that's when I tend to plateau and then start going back up. Hubby reminded me this time is different. The changes I've made in diet and exercise are part of my lifestyle now, and there's no turning back. So the only option is to keep doing what I'm doing, and he's right. But you can understand why I'd worry, I mean look at these stats:

  • 19 April - 92.9 kg (204.81 lb) - down 37.4 kg (82.45 lb)
  • 18 May  - 90.7 kg (199.96 lb) - down 39.6 kg (87.30 lb)

That just doesn't feel like much progress in a month's time, especially when I've been having a pretty high rate of loss from week to week prior to that.  I'm grateful that I've lost as much as I have, I'm not being a spoiled whiney brat, really I'm not. But I've promised to share the good and the bad of losing this weight and this is reality. Sometimes you slow down, sometimes you plateau. It sucks, but you just gotta keep on keeping on, right? So enough dwelling on that, I'm reverting back to Phase 1 completely in the coming week. On the menu this week are:

Last Night I Got Noticed!

Ok so hubby had a party with a few of his mates over last night that I haven't seen in awhile. Two commented to me (privately aside) that I'd lost weight ... like a lot. And I said yes, about 40 kilos! It did feel good cuz as much as the girls at work have noticed guys rarely do (or maybe they do but they've learned not to comment on a woman's weight). One of them had also lost a little weight himself and he mentioned he'd been eating healthier and had started running, so of course I said me too. He's running like 8k so definitely in better shape than me, but he was very impressed with my times and said that 25 minutes is like 4k so that's really good.

Of course now I dread having to attempt 28 minutes tomorrow but at every point in this training when I've had to increase the run time it's felt impossible, yet I've done it. I'm nearly at the end of this training program. So 28 minutes three times this week ... then there's one one day left on the app. A full 30 minutes which it claims is 5k and I just do that whenever I like.  I suppose whether or not it's really 5k depends on how fast one runs, and I'm definitely not fast.  Sports Tracker tells me I'm coming close to 5k right now, but that's including my warm up and cool down, each five minutes walking.

So where do I go from here? My goal in this effort has been to (1) conquer my fears and (2) to just make it through this program. I can't believe I'm nearly there. So then what? I can't say I love running. I actually kind of hate it while I'm doing it - but when I finish I feel amazing that I actually did it! So I guess I just see how it goes. Seems a shame to have built up my endurance to actually run 30 minutes and then stop and lose it all. Maybe I have to actually run regularly before I will know whether it's something I love or not. And if not ... what next? My home workouts don't require the same level of intensity. Maybe I mix it up. Run some, and add other forms of exercise as well. Who knows yet. It doesn't help that it's getting colder and darker earlier every night.

Anyway, that's where I am at the end of this week -- hoping for a better week ahead and really hoping to stay in Onederland from here on.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Still in Onederland, and a 5 Mile WATP

No change this morning, still at 90.4 kg (199.3 lb) and I'm happy with that. But I haven't run since Monday. I walked Wednesday at the beginning of the two day fasting period, but no exercise since then. So this morning I really wanted to workout. Of course it's pouring down rain today so I decided to pop in a Walk Away the Pounds (5 Mile Fat Burning Walk - 1 hr). I haven't done that one in a long time, so it felt good to use different muscles, but I was amazed how much easier it was! Each mile ends with a two minute jogging burst, and during that time she asks you to add kicks or knee lifts while jogging in place. I never could do that before so I would just jog around the house for those two minutes.  But this time I thought I'd give it a try and I could do it! It was a challenge, but I did kicks and knee lifts while jogging in place, and the rest of the time I jogged around the house.

After the jogging burst she starts the next mile at a lower level, almost a warm-up level for the first couple of minutes, so I decided to extend the jogging burst for 2-3 minutes into the next mile each time. Now I'm running around the house, not outside, but by doing that it still added up to maybe 14-18 minutes of jogging around the house, which is better than no running at all.  We may get rain again tomorrow, but I hope it backs off by Monday as I'd like to get back into the C25K training. I'll probably repeat the workout I did last week Monday and go from there.

It sure feels like winter and this cold rain isn't helping. We've actually put the heat on today to take the chill out of the air! We don't have furnaces here like back home in Wisconsin, rather the air-conditioning units here tend to be reverse-cycle, so they can both heat and cool. So all the other rooms are closed off and the heat is on in the living room. I'm off to heat up some leftover soup for lunch (my first meal of the day) and make a nice hot mug of tea. Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Still in Onederland ...

The procedure went well, but having gone in at 4:30 and not gotten home until 10:30 pm, it sure was a long day! They had a lot of bookings and got behind so it took a long time to get through. Afterwards in recovery I noticed most others were famished, happily scarfing their sandwiches. I had indicated no carbs on my meal preference so they asked if a salad plate would be ok, and I said fine. I also asked for a bottle of water rather than tea, coffee or juice.

The salad plate turned out to be a few spinach leaves on which they'd put two thin slices of ham and a slice of cheese in two triangles, a bit of canned asparagus (yuck!) a couple of slices of beet, a couple of tomato wedges, and a pile each of corn and shredded carrot.  I ate the ham and cheese, spinach, tomato, and a bit of the carrot but that was it. Surprisingly after two days fasting, I wasn't really hungry, but the others sure seemed to be. Carb withdrawal perhaps? I didn't see the point of eating anything else when I got home being as it was late and I really wasn't hungry.

This morning I stayed home again as I was feeling a bit headachy and crampy, but I still wasn't really hungry.  I was pleased to see I was still in Onederland, weighing the same as I did yesterday morning, so that's cool. I then had a small ham and cheese omelette at about 8:30, and a nice salad with tuna and tomato for lunch.  Tonight I'm making the Stuffed Pepper Soup with Cauliflower Rice I made recently and having some sugar-free lime jello for dessert. So it's fairly light meals today as well. I'm hoping to stay in Onederland from here on, but we'll see what happens. Given where I'm at in my monthly cycle, I don't expect any gains - if anything I would normally drop in a day or two, but given the drops I have had recently it's anyone's guess what the coming days will bring. Either way, I'm enjoying Onederland.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I'm in Onederland! Or am I?

Ok so obviously I've been fasting for a full day, and will be for most of today as well. So does this morning's weigh-in really count? I saw 90.4 kg (199.3 lb) this morning! Man that felt good. I was determined I would not share it until it was official (meaning I'm still there tomorrow or even Saturday) but hubby said I should. Regardless of the reason, I AM in Onederland right now! Will I be tomorrow? Only time will tell.

I think it's likely because I still can't eat until dinner time tonight, and it's not like I'm going to make up for lost time and pig out. He's going to have roast chicken waiting for me so I don't have to cook, and I have salad veggies to use up and sugar-free green jello for dessert. I don't know ... I think I have a good chance of seeing this weight again tomorrow, but I won't get my hopes up too much just in case. Still ... for right now ... Onederland feels pretty cool! Hey, I ought to get something for this experience, so why not enjoy it?