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Saturday, January 16, 2016

8 lb drop in 1 week? It's Week #1 again!

I'm back and doing well -- I'll talk about my 8 pound drop this week in just a minute, for those of you still interested. First, let me apologise for not writing more, but the fact is I didn't know what to say. Hi, I'm still struggling and had a holiday regain? Who wants to read that?! Well I have lost a few subscribers anyway. People follow and unfollow for any number of reasons, but I can certainly understand only wanting to follow bloggers that inspire you. Struggling for a long time to break a stall may not be very inspiring reading, but it certainly is real. Most people who lose a large amount of weight don't sail effortlessly to goal. I wish it were true, but it's not. It reminds me of that drawing about what people think success looks like vs. what it actually looks like.

Struggling to break through stalls and reach goals is very common and very real. I did promise to share the good and the bad on this journey, so I'll try to remember that even when the going gets tough. Stalls suck, but I'm proud to say I have not given up, so maybe that's inspiring in and of itself.

In any case, when I last posted it was just before Christmas and I had every intention of staying the course through the holiday break. I was not successful. We had family up and every time I turned around it was an eating fest, whether at someone's home or out at a restaurant. I gave in on more than one occasion and quickly found myself regaining. I haven't posted weights lately, so here goes. On 19th December I was 80.7 kg (177.9 lb). by 2nd January I was 85.9 kg (189.38 lb). The family all went back home shortly after that and I was determined to start over. This time I thought I would try strict LCHF. I've dabbled with it and tried a few recipes, but never followed it strictly before, so I did for a whole week, using delicious recipes from It was not easy eating that much fat and it was very high calorie, but I stuck it out for a week. On 9th January I was 87.7 kg (193.35 lb). What the hell ... I gained?!

Some people may do well on LCHF, but I didn't like it and was not about to continue! What to do? Going back to Dr Poon Phase 1 hadn't worked the last few times I tried it. But I had to do something, so I started again last Sunday (10th Jan). The next day I was down 1.5 kg (3.3 lb). Then another kilo (2.2 lb) the next day. I stayed steady the next day, then went up 100g (.22 lb), then saw another drop. Yesterday I was 84 kg exactly (185.19 lb), that's a loss of 3.7 kg (8.16 lb) in just 5 days. I haven't seen a drop that big since my very first week of Pooning!  In fact, that's exactly what I lost in my very first week! Today I'm up 100g (.22 lb) but that doesn't worry me, I'm still down 8 pounds! Now lest you think it was all water weight, my scale says it was over half fat.

So why did it work this week? What's changed? The only thing I can think of is I've started my 2nd month of progesterone cream. If the hormonal change of nearing menopause was causing my weight struggles (as it does for so many women my age) then maybe progesterone cream is making a difference. My cycle sure is behaving the way it used to a couple of years ago. No more of this every three week crap, it's more like 37 days now. I don't know whether it's the progesterone cream or not, but I plan to keep using it. And I'll ask the doctor about it.

Yes, I did schedule an appointment to have my thyroid checked. I scheduled it before I saw this week's drop, and part of me wonders if I should cancel (it's rather expensive!) but I don't want to assume one very good week means I'm back on track. And the thyroid could still be a factor. I have quite a few of the symptoms listed in the article Jan kindly shared with me, and while some of them could apply to PCOS as well, I'd like to be sure. The nurse told me the doctor would charge me $250 (I'd get $150 reimbursed from Medicare) but I didn't think to ask whether there would be any other charges (e.g. for pathology). I think it's important get tested though, so I think I should keep the appointment.

Anyway, thank you to those of you who are still with me, I appreciate it very much. I will be in touch more frequently, I promise. I'll leave you with another great success graphic, and I hope it helps you as much as it does me.

I'll be sure to let you know how the thyroid tests go. Hope your new year is off to a great start! :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Time to get serious

I’m here, just been very busy in the lead-up to our annual Halloween party, which was Saturday. We had a great time! I’m a bit stiff and sore from building a coffin prop over the last few days – that was a workout in itself and I am definitely not a carpenter!

I got a lot of compliments on both my new hairdo and my figure, which was really lovely; a good ego boost. There was one guest who hasn’t seen me in a year so it was a major change for him! My indulgences were limited to some nuts, devilled eggs and a bit of meat and cheese from the hors d'oeuvres platter.

My weight has been bouncing up and down a couple of kilos since my last drop just as I predicted. I haven’t been overly concerned about the slow progress because I have dropped over 100 pounds and it may take my body a while to adjust to that. Plateaus happen, they’re part of any weight loss journey and I don’t want to obsess or stress about it.  These changes to my way of eating are for life, I’m not ‘on a diet’ that I’m planning to go off of when I reach goal. There are some foods I’ll add back in slowly once I hit maintenance of course, but that’s a ways off yet.

So no, I’m not stressing over it – having said that, I am going back to strict Phase 1 for a while to see if that gets things moving again.  I’ll be having an Atkins shake with almond milk for breakfast during the week (I skip breakfast on the weekends) and will have Phase 1 meals for lunch and dinner. Now I’m not under-eating as these are decent portion sizes, but they’ll be mostly made up of foods from the unlimited list of Phase 1 with some other veggies that are allowed in limited amounts, but cutting out Phase 2 foods like tomatoes and carrots.  I am allowed small amounts of the lowest fat cheese on Phase 1, but I’m going to try to cut that out for a while as well and see how I go.

I’ve been exercising pretty regularly and I will continue to mix strength training and Callanetics with my walking / jogging mix.  Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weigh-in Day and a long walk

Okay we'll start with today stats: I weighed in at 95.2 kg (209.88 lb) That is a loss of .9 kg (1.98 lb) from last week and brings my total weight loss to 35.1 kg (77.38 lb). I'm happy with that, most definitely. Seriously, less than ten pounds to go before I get to Onederland? That's amazing!

I can't believe how well this plan is working for me. I'm so very grateful to Dr Poon, and of course to Leigh who inspired me to give it a try. Leigh's recipes have helped so much, and I've even shared her Lazy Cabbage Casserole with friends and colleagues. They're not necessarily dieting but always comment how good it smells when I have it for lunch and they ask for the recipe.

Anyway, I think it's important to express gratitude for the many blessings we have in our lives, which too often we take for granted. I'm grateful for this plan; for Leigh and the many others out there whose blogs inspire me every day; for my wonderful, supportive, loving husband who helps me along on this journey in so many ways; and for you, dear readers, for sharing in my joys and struggles. Some of you drop in for a comment now and then, and those are very much appreciated. Thank you!

On to today's workout. After my first real C25K full-minute interval training yesterday, I was feeling so good. I don't ever jog two days in a row, but I will often walk the next day, especially on Saturday when hubby and I take the dog and walk the lake path. He had other plans today so Buddy and I went without him, which meant I could go further. Hubby prefers to keep it around 45 minutes. Well today I walked for 1 hour and 15 minutes, traveling 7.2 kilometers. My average speed was 5.8 kilometers per hour. I also burned an incredible 536 calories on this walk. I feel great!

I'm just going to relax and enjoy my weekend. Hope you all get to do the same.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week four results

It's my smallest drop yet, but I'm still thrilled with it because I got my period this week! In the week before I usually gain about two pounds, but not this time! You may recall I lost more than four pounds last week, and since it didn't come until late Friday evening I didn't expect a drop until early next week, but look at that ... .9 kg (1.98 lb) down this week! How can I not be happy with that?

(Tap picture to view full chart.)

Seriously, over 17 pounds off in four weeks is incredible. It's enough that I can feel a difference in my top half as that's where I tend to lose it first. Bras need to go to the next tighter hook, shirts fit better. Some slacks feel a bit loser at the waist, but my jeans feel the same! Well ... Not entirely, I did wear these jean shorts on holiday before I started the diet, and they were tight enough to be uncomfortable if I wore them for long. That's not the case now, but they fit snugly, not loose at all even after 17 pounds gone. Then again they are plus size so they're made to stretch, and they are fresh out of the drier.

I still want someone to notice though. I guess it's hard to see the difference between 287 and 270? But soon, I'm sure. Just gotta stay the course, keep doing what I'm doing. Soon enough people will start to notice. Thanks Dr Poon, I am so happy! :D

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week three results and Burgers!

OK now I just realised I'm about a week away from that time in my cycle, when I would generally gain as much as two pounds ... so please do bear that in mind as I give you this week's results. Also it's not even been three weeks yet, as I started on a Monday, OK? So here we go. I am down over 15 pounds already! LOL. Seriously, I am so happy! Rather than rattling off the kilos and pounds for you, let me just show you the spreadsheet below. Nearly 7 kilos ... over 15 pounds! And by the way, 4.4 kg (9.7 pounds) of that was fat! Woohoo!

Can you believe a 4.4 pound loss in a week when I usually gain weight? My husband said these results look like The Biggest Loser where they get a big drop week one, a smaller one week two, then come back with another strong number in week three. LOL I don't know about that but I must say I'm going great and I love what I'm eating, but I especially love feeling satisfied and having NO cravings!

I have a daily Atkins chocolate protein shake with Blue Diamond unsweetened almond milk along with my scrambled eggs, ham and cheese brekkie. To save time and dishes I put one egg and half a cup of egg whites in a bowl and whisk lightly, then microwave for one minute. Stir and microwave 30 seconds again. Sometimes it takes a second 30 sec to be cooked but be careful not to over cook. Add some freshly ground black pepper. On a small plate I put three thin slices low-sodium ham with a couple tablespoons of Kraft LiveFree (very low fat) cheese and heat that about 45 seconds to melt the cheese. Then lay the ham and cheese on the eggs and grab a knife and fork. Then I have my shake and I don't get hungry again for hours. I have a busy job so that works for me.

Lunches are always leftovers from dinner. My favourite things to make, besides Leigh's Lazy Cabbage Casserole, which I've already shared, include beef or chicken stir fry with cauliflower "rice" and Leigh's Taco Salad, which we had tonight. It's great cuz I have it over a salad of mixed greens with a bit of Kraft LiveFree very low-fat cheese, while hubby stuffs his in tortillas with cheese and sour cream. We both loved it! I've also been having just burgers on a plate of salad, which is YUM! Fry two very lean beef burgers, top with the very low-fat cheese, and lay them on the salad. Then I add a tsp each of low-fat mayo, no-added-sugar ketchup, and yellow mustard. Delicious! Here's what it looks like.

Oh, and I'm drinking heaps of water, too, to the point that I have to get up a few times at night! But given the results I'm getting, I don't mind. So that's it for today, and here's hoping for a fabulous week four! :)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday check-in

I thought I would just check in and let you all know I'm going great. Buying that carton of egg whites has turned out to be a great idea. Monday I had my protein shake for breakfast as usual, but being back to work meant I couldn't just grab a snack if I got hungry. I only brought my lunch meal, nothing to snack on, and since I was getting up earlier and having breakfast earlier too, I started feeling a bit peckish around 11:30. Not a lot, and it soon passed, but on Tuesday I thought I would have a bit more for breakfast. So along with my shake, I whisked together one whole egg with a half cup of the egg whites and scrambled that with a little low-sodium ham and Kraft LiveFree cheese. It was delicious, and I found it tided me over much longer. Didn't get hungry at all before lunch. But it was a bit time consuming and dirtied a frying pan, so this morning I tried a different approach. I whisked the egg in a bowl then put it in the microwave for one minute. Then I stirred it up and cooked another 30 seconds. Perfect! Scrambled eggs in no time, and much less cleanup! I just heated some low-sodium ham and very low-fat cheese on the side, cut it in bites and stirred it through the egg. Delicious!

Last night's dinner was from the New Dieters Cookbook, Chicken Marsala ... only without the Marsala. I substituted no-salt chicken broth with a splash of white wine vinegar instead. Chicken breasts are pounded to 1/4 inch, then pan-fried. Then while the chicken is kept warm you sautée some mushrooms, green onions and a bit of garlic, then add the 1/4 cup Marsala substitute. Add the chicken back in and heat through. On the side I had sliced a couple of yellow button squash and some green bell pepper and popped them in boiling water for 3-4 minutes. Really tasty and the chicken was so moist! Had leftovers for lunch today.

Then tonight I made another of Leigh's recipes ... Shepherd's Pie. It was good, but I preferred her Lazy Cabbage Casserole. I did double the cauliflower and I'm glad I did as it wouldn't have been enough otherwise. I have leftovers for the next few days and may try adding some of the no-added-sugar ketchup or BBQ sauce I bought, just to give it a touch more flavour.

Overall I'm enjoying my meals very much. I have not had a single craving for anything I've eliminated, and this is getting easier each day. Oh, and while I said I wouldn't weigh until the weekend, I couldn't resist checking this morning and have lost a total of 4.1 kg (9.04 lb) so far ... in a week and a half. I'm so happy! 

Today a coworker and I were discussing our respective weight loss efforts. She said needs to allow herself the occasional off-plan treat, but I said I can't even think about it. For two reasons, really. Now that sugar, carbs and processed foods are out of my system, other Pooners have advised that even one indulgence could take three days to recover from and trigger cravings as well. And secondly, I know me. I can't have just a bit of a trigger food. I'll want more. Past experience has shown me that when I am doing well on a plan, going off even briefly can make it harder for me to get back on again. Even if I'd been on longer than 10 days, it's just not worth risking it. I have a tendency to quit when the going gets tough (e.g. plateau) so I'm very determined that this time will be different. I am not quitting this time ... not even for "just a little" of an off-plan item. This plan works if you stick to it, and I'm enjoying it, so I am sticking with it! :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 7 and down 8.16 pounds!

Yes, today is day seven ... I started Dr Poon's diet last Monday but as I go back to work tomorrow, I'll be weighing in on the weekend now. So today is Sunday, nearly one week since I started and I am down 3.7 kg (8.16 lb) since Day 1. And just over half of that loss or 2.1 kg (4.6 lb) is fat! Hooray!

This coming week will be more challenging as I try to plan meals and lunches now that I go back to work. So far I have one Go-To recipe that I'll be making often, and that's Leigh's Lazy Cabbage Casserole. Yum! Hubby likes that too, which is good.

Lunch today was a big salad of lettuce, cucumber, green capsicum (bell pepper), and broccoli with a small amount of fat-free Italian dressing, and a chicken cordon bleu sandwich. Well, kind of. Lol. I had just made some grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for hubby for lunch and had planned to put some leftover chicken in with my salad when I got an idea. I had a cooked chicken breast that had been grilled with a bit of sage and onion powder yesterday, so I split it in half through the centre lengthwise and opened it like a bun. Then I put three thin slices of low-sodium ham in the middle and a sprinkle of Kraft LiveFree very low-fat cheese on top and closed the chicken breast again. Then I put it on the sandwich press long enough to warm it through. I left it cool just enough so I could cut it in half and pick each half up to eat like a sandwich. I did put a dab of mustard on it too, and it was so good!

Tonight will be a chicken stir fry with cauliflower rice, broccoli, baby bok choy, celery and green capsicum. I'll add garlic, ginger, low-sodium chicken stock and soy sauce as well. That leaves one serve of the Lazy Cabbage Casserole to take for lunch tomorrow. I'm all set! :)

I also found a carton of just egg whites at the store ... fabulous, so I won't have to waste yolks when I make omelettes or egg muffins anymore. I can use one whole egg and pour in additional egg whites only. So I'll have plenty of options going into next week. And I'll be trying another of Leigh's recipes on Wednesday ... Shepherd's Pie. I'll check in throughout the week, but won't weigh again until the weekend.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 6 and another drop

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, but there was no change from the day before. But happily today I have had another loss. I've just had an egg muffin and a protein shake for breakfast and I'm about to go on my daily walk, but just wanted to share this first.

I was 127.5 kg (281.09 lb) and that's after confirming it a few times. See my first weigh in was even lower but showed a higher fat percentage. I missed the water percentage so after my hubby did his weigh in, I did mine again. This time my weight was a little bit higher but my fat percentage was lower. Weird. I did it again a minute later and it confirmed the second reading so we'll go with that. This scale claims to be extremely accurate but this has happened before ... so does weight really fluctuate by the minute? I don't know. I'll be more careful to get the numbers the first time so I don't need to recheck, but it's hard cuz they only display for 10 seconds.

So at 127.5 kg (281.09 lb) that's a loss of 0.6 kg (1.32 lb) from yesterday, of which just under half was fat loss, the rest was water. That brings my total loss to date to 2.8 kg (6.17 lb).  I'm off to walk, which happily I've done every day. I'm back to work next week so I'll have to figure out the best time to fit my walks in. Have a great day!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 4 and I lost fat but gained water ...

So I actually stayed the same weight today as yesterday, but according to the scale I lost .3 kg (.6 lb) and gained an equal amount of water. Ah well. Hubby reminded me daily weighing will frustrate me due to daily fluctuations, and I realise that ... I plan to weigh weekly once this first week is over.

Walked half an hour again and my legs can definitely feel it ... they're a bit stiffer first thing in the morning and last thing at night, but overall I feel much better and can already see small improvements in my endurance with each passing day. Coming up the hill in the final stretch is just that little bit easier each day.

I had to share this video from the Miss Fat and Beautiful pageant held in Britain in the 1960s. My how times have changed. The title alone would offend people today, but they don't seem bothered by it at all. Enjoy, and I'll check in again tomorrow. If you can't see the video below, here's a link:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 3 is over, still doing great!

So today's report is going to sound a lot like yesterday and the day before, but that's good, it means I'm settling in to the routine. This morning I weighed in again, only cuz it's my first week ... I plan to only weigh weekly after this, honest! I weighed in at 128.1 kg (282.41 lb) which is a loss of 0.8 kg (1.76 lb) since yesterday. Once again that was half fat, half water. Not bad ... that means in just two days I lost 2.2 kg (4.85 lb) which I'm quite pleased with. This could be a very good week!

I didn't have the protein shake this morning as I wasn't hungry yet, but did head out for a 30 minute walk. After that I made an egg wrap - that's one whole egg plus two egg whites mixed and poured into a hot pan, then when nearly cooked I flipped it over to ensure both sides were set and carefully folded it over, then set it aside ... it resembled a crepe at this point. Into the pan I cooked a small amount of onion and green peppers, and a bit of leftover chicken diced small. I set that aside, returned the egg crepe to the pan and put a bit of Kraft LiveFree very low-fat cheese on it and a couple very thin slices of low-sodium ham. On that I added the onion, pepper and chicken filling and folded it over, flipping carefully to melt the cheese on both sides. I gotta say, this was more work than a shake, but totally worth it, this was delicious.

Lunch was some leftover Lazy Cabage Casserole from yesterday, and dinner was a stir fry using some of my leftover veggies, cauliflower rice and chicken, with garlic, ginger, a small amount of soy sauce and low-sodium beef stock (I didn't have chicken). Just trying to use up leftovers, and it was quite tasty. A bit later I had a protein shake as a sort of dessert as I was a little hungry. All in all a very tasty day.

That's my report for day three, I'll check in again tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 2 and a nice loss. :)

I've completed day two on Dr Poon's Metabolic Diet and though I probably should weigh only once a week, I imagined my first week would show a nice drop so I got on the scale. Today I weighed 128.9 kg (284.18 lb) which is a nice drop of 1.4 kg (3.09 lb) in my first day. Wouldn't it be great to drop three pounds every day? The scale tells me it was half fat and half water, so that's pretty good indeed.

I started the day with another Atkins protein shake (chocolate) made with one cup unsweetened almond milk. Then we went for a half hour walk. I do hope I start building up some endurance soon because I live on a crest and climbing the last stretch home is a killer!

Lunch was a salad with green capsicum (bell pepper), cucumber and cos lettuce with a couple teaspoons of a low fat, low carb Italian dressing and the leftovers from last night's beef stir fry.

For dinner I tried one of Leigh's recipes from her Poonapalooza blog, Lazy Cabbage Casserole, and it was really good! My crockpot must be smaller than hers, it's a five litre round one, so I couldn't fit all the cabbage on top ... I put 1/4 head shredded on the bottom, then the meat mixture, and only had room for about half the remaining 1/4 head. The cabbage on top didn't cook as much as the stuff on the bottom, so next time I'll put it on bottom as well, but we really liked this! Yes, even my hubby who is not on the diet enjoyed it very much. Thanks, Leigh, it's a winner ... two thumbs up! :)

I had forgotten to drink water earlier in the day but from afternoon onward I had plenty. Again I never really felt hungry, nor full ... which is just fine. I feel great and hope to continue with big drops the rest of this week. That's it for now, I'll check in again tomorrow.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 1 on Dr Poon, Phase 1

So I've done it ... I've completed Day 1 on the first phase of Dr Poon's Metabolic Diet. I started the day with a protein shake and a thirty minute walk, then ran out to buy a new scale -- one that measures body fat percentage, as well as water. I found a Weight Watchers model by Conair for $39. According to this new scale, I started today at 130.3 kg (287.26 lb) and 45.8% of that is fat, or 59.68 kg (131.57 lb).  I'm 39.5% water. It also measures bone, but I won't need to track that. So this is my starting point. I also recorded some starting measurements, but I'm not confident they're accurate as it's not easy to measure yourself. Still, it will be interesting to compare those down the track.

So what did I eat today? Well as I mentioned, a chocolate Atkins shake made with 1 cup unsweetened almond milk was breakfast about 10am. We got a late start shopping so it was nearly 3pm before I had lunch, and I wanted something quick. I found lower sodium ham sliced thin, so I took three large lettuce leaves and put three slices of ham on each one, with a sprinkle of Kraft LiveFree very low-fat cheese and a squirt of mustard and rolled them up. Dinner was a beef stir fry with some cauliflower rice, broccoli, green capsicum, celery and baby bok choy. I used one tablespoon of soy sauce to marinate the meat ... didn't use any in the sauce because I couldn't find a low-sodium version ... with a small amount of low-sodium beef stock, garlic and ginger. It was quite nice, and there is some leftover for lunch tomorrow as well. Hubby even liked it.

I can't say I was truly hungry at all today, but I never felt full either. Satisfied though. All in all day one was good. I have a small headache but better than it's been the last few days. I have been drinking water rather than Pepsi Max today as well. Off to bed now as I am also trying to ensure I get enough sleep. :)