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I've been struggling with my weight since I was in high school - yeah, we're talking over 30 years now, and believe me I tried everything. About four years after moving to Australia a friend turned me on to The China Study, and after reading that and a few other books, I was convinced I should go vegan. I literally did it overnight, I wasn't even vegetarian at that point. I stayed the course for six long years, reading and following recommendations from Drs McDougall and Esselstyn about getting lean and healthy, and finally when I was nearly 50 years old it occurred to me - I'd been eating their way for the better part of six years. If it was going to make me healthier, surely it would have done so by now! But not only was I bigger than before I went vegan, I was also diagnosed as pre-diabetic and I knew something had to change.

I then read a book called "Beyond Broccoli" by a former raw food vegan who reintroduced meat to her diet after numerous health problems. Her arguments were just as convincing as those by the vegan authors I'd read. I thought about it for awhile and eventually decided to give up my starch-based diet. My first animal food meal was chicken. I thought it would be difficult to eat after six years ... like it would be revolting to me. But it was delicious. Unlike other vegans who said even the smell of meat grossed them out, that never happened to me. It always smelled good. The very next day, aches and pains I'd had in my hands and wrists for months disappeared. I felt better! I know there are people who thrive on a vegan diet, but I was not one of them.

Now to refocus on weight loss! Inspired by Leigh's success I bought Dr Poon's Metabolic Diet book and read it. I decided to give it a go. It's a medically supervised Canadian diet, and there were no clinics in Australia. So in the lead up to my start date I started collecting recipes and ideas from other Pooners, and I bought a body analysis scale so I could measure fat and water percentages as well as weight. The first week was tricky as I learned what to eat, and dealt with a few withdrawal headaches, but after a few days those were gone and it started getting easy for me.  And seeing the pounds start dropping off (8 in the first week alone, 15 by the end of week three) coupled with feeling satisfied, having no cravings anymore, and feeling fantastic was enough to convince me this was the right plan for me.

I lost over 117 pounds with Dr Poon, and then hit a stall I couldn't seem to break through. I added Intermittent Fasting to the mix and got it to 129 pounds lost in July 2015. Then I took a trip home for a month -- my first time back in the States in 9 years. It was great - but I came back 14 pounds heavier, and it slowly crept up over the next six months until it was nearly a 40 pound gain. Nothing that had worked before was working now. Dr said I was the picture of health and women my age always struggle with weight as they approach menopause. But I'm not content to stay here. I had a goal and I'm determined to reach it, hormones be damned! Come along for the journey and I'll share the highs and lows -- trust me, there will be both in any weight loss journey.

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