Sunday, February 28, 2016

How do I get off this roller coaster?

I'm doing everything I know how to do to lose weight, yet I just keep going down then up again. Everything that used to work no longer does. Or it works briefly then stops. On January 16th I had that big drop after a week of returning to Phase 1 eating again. Since then it's been a roller coaster ride. Seriously, here are the ups and downs.

16 Jan - 84.1 kg - 185.41 lb.
23 Jan - 85.3 kg - 188.05 lb.*
30 Jan - 86.7 kg - 191.14 lb.
06 Feb - 86.3 kg - 190.26 lb.
13 Feb - 84.7 kg - 186.73 lb
20 Feb - 87.6 kg - 193.12 lb.*
27 Feb - 86.3 kg - 190.26 lb.

I kept doing Phase 1 for those first few weeks. The star means I had my cycle that week. I should have dropped weight after that, yet the end of January and start of February I weighed more. So I returned to intermittent fasting. Slight drop 13th Feb, but of course another star week followed.

So this past week I changed it up again. Instead of going entire days fasting, which just wasn't working, I decided to fast 23 hours each day, eating just one meal at dinner time within a one hour eating window. I've done this for over a week now, and combined it with a fair bit of exercise. Besides walking about an hour each day, I've done heaps of work around the house. Things like raking, shovelling and hauling a gazillion wheelbarrows full of rocks from what used to be an above-ground pool area in the back yard, and tearing down an old shed by hand this weekend. My body is definitely feeling all the extra exercise lately, trust me, and there is a lot more to come. Did any of this help me lose weight?

Well, the first few days I lost some. Then I stayed the same for a few days, then back up today almost where I started. I am beyond frustrated. My husband tells me to just be happy where I am and just eat healthy and not worry about it so much, but if I am fighting this hard to lose weight and I stop fighting, I will regain even more! I know I will. Trust me, I would LOVE to give up the fight. But I'm not going to. So what to do next?

Well I still haven't found a chance to make that doctor's appointment, between all the extra work to be done around the house and being busy as hell at work. I haven't had a chance to call my doctor, but I will find the time. I'm thinking the progesterone cream isn't helping as I'd hoped though. So I'll try something else. What else can I do? I'm going to try heaps smaller portions. Literally cut my dinner portions in half, have just an Atkins shake for breakfast, and a small can of tuna or the other half of my dinner for lunch. I just don't know what else to do at this point. I feel like I've got nothing worth blogging about anymore, yet here I am. I guess I'm not ready to give up on that yet either.


  1. I'm telling you, I feel your pain. It is so frustrating. I think until you get your labs back, especially thyroid, that you may not be able to uncover root causes. Or to rule out things.

    In a nut shell, my doc says as long as my thyroid tests are normal (they were- on synthroid since 1997) that in menopause, people like me can expect to gain 5-10 pounds, since I was so over weight I can expect to put on more weight during this time, and that can be "normal" for some people. Seems honest and real to me.

    She encouraged me not to worry as much, to keep eating well, and that my weight may fluctuate over the next few years. The doc is furious that the insurance company is going to increase my insurance if I go above 25 BMI and made a note about it on my chart. It won't take long if I continue to slowly gain over the next year. She also said that bio-identical won't help me with weight. Sigh. I did score some premarin cream- but she warned me that it is super, super expensive.....

    Hang in there, don't use it as an excuse to go back to old habits. Keep on keeping on, knowing your continued weight maintenance, even though you are not where you want to be is better for your body overall than massive gains via whatever caused the gain in the first place.....

    Stay strong. Courage, strength, patience - never easy. Karen P.- I'll be blogging about my doc soon... :)

  2. Oh .. how I wish I cold wave a magic wand or come up with a suggestion that I just know will work ... but I can't.

    I still have a niggling suspicion that 'hormones' are playing a part here ... as many of us have come to appreciate!

    I don't know what your daily carb allowance is and of course you need to have the ratio of fat and protein to support weight loss to.

    I know you will not give up but perhaps for a while do as your husband says and concentrate on the happy and healthy!

    If I see any articles that I think could help, I will certainly pass them in your direction.

    Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan. I made the appointment for tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

  3. Holy cow! This really could have been my weigh-ins! I am so close to your weights it's not funny! Did you read my post on talking to the trainer? He said that I have stuffed my metabolism by doing EXACTLY what you are doing and I now need to do reverse dieting to counteract it. I can't tell you much more because I am still researching and reading about it - but maybe we can solve this thing together?

    1. I'd like that. I'm afraid you may be right about my metabolism but I know if I stop dieting the weight will come back much quicker.

  4. "but if I am fighting this hard to lose weight and I stop fighting, I will regain even more!" This. So many people just can't understand that struggle. Ugh.

    1. My biggest fear. If I stop trying to lose, even though it's not working, I will find myself over 200 pounds in no time.


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