Saturday, September 12, 2015

My question was on the LCHF Podcast!

How cool is that?!  When I was down 125 pounds I submitted a question to the podcast asking whether losing weight should be helping alleviate the symptoms of PCOS, because I've read stories from some people for whom it did, but so far that hasn't been the case for me.  I have been overseas so I just realised they recently featured my question!

Dr Ann Childers responded and I was so excited to hear her response.  Firstly she congratulated me on my weight loss, which was cool. Then she indicated LCHF was an ideal approach for those with PCOS, and then gave cautions for diabetics. Unfortunately, she didn't address my specific question about whether LCHF could help reduce the actual symptoms of PCOS at all.  So I went from excited to disappointed.  I feel like I should resubmit the question but there's probably no point. :(

--- UPDATE ---

I did contact Dr Childers via Twitter for more information and she provided a link to someone who specialises in fertility issues for women with PCOS. That's hardly my concern at 52 years old, but who knows, they might have further information. We'll see.  Thanks for the suggestion, Karen!


  1. Dr. Childers, I love her. She interacts quite a bit with folks on twitter. I'll bet she's retweet you an answer? Just a guess. I'll have to download that and listen to it. Fun when you get featured, yet frustrating to not get the details.

  2. Yes, I like Dr Childers too ... could well be worth going back, or doing as Karen suggests.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan. I've asked her on Twitter ... hopefully she can advise.


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