Saturday, July 4, 2015

Down 124.5 lb, only 12.8 to go!

This week's weigh-in is 73.8 kg (162.7 lb), down .5 kg (1.1 lb) from last week and 56.5 kg (124.56 lb) to date. I have just 5.8 kg (12.79 lb) to goal!

We'll see what happens next week which may bring some monthly weight gain but so far that hasn't been a big deal as it was before ADF. By the way Gwen, I gave blood today and my blood pressure was just fine, so that's good. I had never heard of intermittent fasting causing high blood pressure but Gwen mentioned it so I am glad to have been checked today and to know all is well.

This was supposed to be a fast day but you have to eat before donating blood (and drink heaps of water) so I'm debating doing a double fast day to make up for the double feast day. So far I've been very lucky that every event we've had that required dining with friends and family has fallen on a feast day. It's no big deal if it doesn't, you just eat if you need to and fast the next day. I'm so used to the alternate day fasting that in truth I feel overly full now from having eaten two days in a row, so we'll see how we go. I may fast two days or just have dinner only on the second day, we'll see how I feel.

I've been dealing with periodic earaches off and on for a few months now. The doctor suggested nasal spray as a blocked nose can cause it, but if that didn't help it can be related to other things, possibly even TMJ. Well it hasn't helped. I used to get earaches when I was very young but not since then until now. I remember mom used something she called Sweet Oil to relieve the pain. Research tells me it's essentially the same as olive oil, but I think I should go back to the doctor first to rule out other issues before putting warm oil drops in my ear. It isn't frequent but rather painful when it does happen. We drove someone to a friend's near Sydney today and going up Mt Ousley brought on an earache that is still with me now. If a steep ascent driving can bring it on I would like to check with the doctor again before boarding a flight. I would think that would be worse! Wish me luck.

Good night ... I hope everyone in the States had a lovely 4th of July!


  1. Glad you bp is fine. Have it checked seems this happens several months in, sadly. Congrats!

    1. Thanks Gwen. I will. The experts I follow have never indicated this is an issue for those who don't already have blood pressure issues. But I will keep an eye on it so thanks for the heads up.

  2. You are doing brilliantly with your continued weight loss and good to hear your blood pressure was just fine,

    I too can remember as a child if we suffered earache (which was only occasionally) my mum would use 'oil' ear drops too! But if earache persists do get it checked out with your Doctor.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan. I may need to get some Earplanes if they work ...


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