Wednesday, November 19, 2014

4.2k Rainforest Walk, steep but beautiful!

I've definitely been getting in some major walks this week - Monday I walked 1.5 hrs to the mall and back, yesterday was a 40 minute walk, but then today we got in two - a 20 minute walk with the dog this morning then after lunch a 1.5 hr challenging walk to the falls in the Minnamurra Rainforest!

This place is awesome, and that walk definitely has some steep inclines.  The last time I was there was in 2006, after having lost some weight on Jenny Craig. I was probably about 200 pounds or so then but not as fit. There are benches here and there throughout the walk, more during the steepest parts, and in 2006 I had to sit for 5 minutes rest several times. But not today baby, it was definitely challenging but I made it all the way with no breaks! Yes, I sat on the bench once for a photo, but I definitely didn't need to rest. Hubby did once though! I can definitely feel it now in my whole body, mostly the backs of my legs - but it was so worth it, what a beautiful walk.

These massive rocks are estimated to be 200 million years old.

Look at the massive roots on this tree, they're like walls!

Above, hubby and I at the Falls. Below, a short video clip.

From the '' website:

Minnamurra Rainforest

This pocket of subtropical and warm temperate rainforest show what the once-extensive rainforests of the Illawarra region were like with giant roots creeping across the forest floor, thick strangler figs wrapping around trees and raucous bird calls in the canopy above.
     You're likely to see exclusive lyrebirds, eastern water dragons, swamp wallabies and a host of bird species which make Minnamurra their home.
     From the information centre, a 1.6-km elevated boardwalk winds towards the escarpment and across Minnamurra Rivulet, taking you right into the 400-hectare rainforest. The first 500m of this walk provides for assisted wheelchair access.
     If you feel like a more substantial hike, take the two-hour return Falls Walk. While a little more challenging, the walk offers the reward of spectacular views over the rainforest canopy and the gorge carved by Minnamurra Rivulet. The walk concludes with a viewing platform and a rest area at the base of the Upper Falls.


  1. That walk looks amazing !! Nice to see your husband too :)

    1. It was just gorgeous! And glad hubby let me share his pic, too.

  2. Those trees are out of this world!! So pretty!

  3. GORGEOUS! I'd be there all the time!

    1. You could, too ... at just $11 per car you can take the whole family, if you like. :)

  4. Replies
    1. It's just beautiful there. A workout to get to the falls, but well worth it.

  5. Wow! Very beautiful place to take a power walk!!!


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