Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I really felt like a run tonight ... did I still have it in me?

I've been focusing on strength training workouts but as the weather gets a bit nicer (and there's a break in the rain) I've tried to get in a good walk or two as well.  Those Fitness Bender 'weight training for fat loss' moves are definitely challenging me, I can feel it everywhere, but I'm loving it. I haven't actually run more than a few minutes now and then since winter started. But tonight when I got home from work I really wanted to run.

Firstly, just feeling that totally amazes me. I am not someone who has really enjoyed exercise, but these days I find not only do I enjoy it but even look forward to it.  Wow, who'd a thunk it? Since I'm doing strength training tomorrow I thought tonight was perfect to give running a go, but I didn't want to just jump in too hard after this long break. I knew it might get dark before half an hour was up, and could even rain, so I decided to go in a circle around the neighbourhood so I wouldn't be too far from home at any point. I used to walk the same circle when I was a lot heavier and each lap took me at least 15 minutes. Whichever way I go, there is an incline on the return, so since I wanted to try running I thought I'd go down the steepest way rather than up.

I left the house and started a gentle jog down the first incline, then walked when I got to the bottom. Just when it started to go up again I started running until it started getting very steep again. Then I walked and repeated the cycle. Overall I was jogging about half the time, first downhill then uphill. I finished three laps in 27 minutes. The first uphill stretch felt so easy, I thought - I can do this! The second one was a bit tougher, but I still felt strong. By the third one I was thinking, just hang in there - only four more driveways to pass. But I did it. It really felt good!

Weight-wise, I'm just past the usual monthly weight gain, and have returned to my lowest weight again, but I'm very much hoping for a drop this weekend and a new low weight. I'll let you know how I go. It feels like I have monthly weight drops now rather than weekly, as I always go back up again with my cycle, but if I'm moving downward overall, however slowly, that's a good thing. :)


  1. Sounds like all is going really well! Good for you!

  2. You are doing well Anna RESPECT

    All the best Jan

  3. I'm late to reply to this post, but I wanted to say good on you for going out and going for a run!
    I remember reading you were disappointed after completing C25K that you hadn't become a runner, that you didn't love it. Looks like something got under your skin though and made you want to run tonight. Great job on the running and the mixing of all the exercising you're doing. : )

    1. Thanks ... I've been running a few times since then just this same route. I think winter was part of the reason I didn't feel up to it as well as not feeling the love of running. Now that the weather is getting nicer I've been feeling the urge again.


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