Friday, April 25, 2014

Down 84 lbs! And facing the 20 min challenge.

Yes, a nice drop this morning, though it's only Friday ... 92.2 kg (203.27 lb) bringing my total to 38.1 kg (84 lb) gone. I will check in again but we have a lot going on this weekend, including a big 50th party where there will be a lot of food.  Hopefully I'll find some suitable things but as it's at a club restaurant you never know how much salt and fat there will be in any low-carb choices they might have. Ah well, it's only one day and if I eat healthy early in the day I shouldn't be overly hungry.

Oh yeah, how'd I go today? On the big 20 minute running challenge day? So sorry, I thought you would have heard my loud cheering even from where you are! That's right, I freaking did it! I ran 20 minutes and I still can't believe it myself. It feels amazing to be able to say that! I was worried because the weather report said scattered showers all day, and the radar looked like it might start very soon, but I was determined to get this run over with. So far in this training the 'rain gods' have really been working with me, so I decided to chance it. Hubby got the dog ready, I got my gear on, grabbed some water and we were out the door.

On the drive over to the lake I was worried a bit and caught myself thinking just do the best you can, if it's too hard and you can't do it, that's ok ... but then I thought this is Anzac Day. The day Australians honour war veterans who fought and sometimes died for the freedoms we all enjoy today. That was hard! This is nothing in comparison so harden up and keep going!

As usual the first minute or two were difficult and I wanted to quit, but a few minutes later I fell into a groove and just kept going. At the ten minute mark I was nearly to the end of the lake path so I kept going to the end before turning around. Drinking water was harder with no walk breaks but I only needed a couple of sips to wet my mouth. Then suddenly, with maybe 5-6 minutes left my music stopped! I didn't know if the C25K app had quit or what was going on so with nothing but the sound of my own breathing to accompany me I kept going thinking I would just try to end about where I started. A few minutes later the next song started so I knew the app was still going. Blissfully a few minutes later she said to begin the cool down. That's when I raised my fists in the air and cheered (or screamed) loudly, not caring if anyone was behind me.

I walked the five minute cool down, did my stretches and when I was nearly done, hubby and the dog had caught up with me. Just as we were headed back to the car it started raining lightly. We'd just made it! I thanked the rain gods and drove home. I still can't believe I ran for 20 minutes! :)

Hubby was taking pictures of the ducks, and then snapped one of me before we headed back to the car. I knew I'd look awful but at that moment I didn't even care. This is me, hot, sweaty, tired, and with rain falling on my face after running 20 minutes at 203 pounds. Oh, and the picture of the ducks he wanted to share as well. :)

After a hot shower I made a yummy lunch with what leftovers I had in the fridge - so easy and yet delicious! I put one egg and about half a cup of egg whites in a bowl and microwaved for 30 seconds, then stirred and gave it another 40 seconds. Then I topped it with a bit of vintage cheddar, three slices of low-sodium ham and a small amount of leftover chicken, and heated another 30 seconds. I put a spoonful of dijon mustard on top and stirred it all up. Sort of a Dijon cordon-bleu omelette kind of thing - it sure was yummy! :)  Enjoy your weekend, folks.


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    1. Thanks Gwen! Welcome back, lovely to hear from you. :)

  2. Well done - you are absolutely fast becoming a legend!!! You are looking great too - how good does it feel to be 38 kilos lighter? Congratulations.

    1. Aw shucks, you're making me blush! LOL I'll tell you it FEELS great to be 38 kilos lighter, I can definitely feel it in everyday little things as well as huge things (like running) that I could never have done before. The next goal is getting to Onederland (below 200 pounds or 90 kg) and it's won't be long now.

  3. Well Done !

    So it was your loud cheers that interrupted my dusting LOL !

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan, it may well have been me you heard! Lol

  4. FAN FREAKING TASTIK!!!!!! You are my idol! I hear people talk about reaching that groove stage and I just don't get it. LOL Glad that you got it and powered thru a music malfunction even.

  5. Lol thank you! I won't say the groove means it's any easier, I think of it more as being on autopilot I guess - just keep running and focus on anything else! Not how much further I have to go, focus instead on the music is what works for me. That's why it sucked to lose it for a few minutes! Lol


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