Saturday, January 4, 2014

A nice little drop this week and Pulled Pork

Yes, I said a nice little drop, but I wasn't expecting a big one. I weighed-in at 104.7 kg (230.82 lb) today which is only 0.4 kg (0.88 lb) down from last week, but I'll take it, as I said, I wasn't even expecting that really.  Firstly, I had a big drop last week ... 1.4 kg which was over 3 pounds. That and all the signs pointing to TOM's arrival in the coming week meant I wasn't expecting much so really I'm happy with that.  This brings my total loss to date to 25.6 kg (56.44 lb).

I use a body analysis scale, and in addition to weight mine happens to measure of body fat, water and bone mass. I know these things are not totally accurate and are meant to be used more to track your progress, so I've only concerned myself with the fat and water so far. But I now wonder if I could be losing bone mass. At the start of this program my bone mass came in at 6.9% and lately it's been 6.4%. That may not sound like much difference, but 6.9% of 287.3 pounds was 19.82 lb, whereas 6.4% of 230.82 lb is 14.77 lb. Could I really have lost 5 pounds of bone mass?

I did some Googling and there are several articles about how losing weight can lead to losing bone as well, and they tend to stress the importance of getting enough calcium and exercise. Some even said calcium supplements have shown not to be nearly as effective as dietary calcium. I do have some very low-fat cheese each day, and lots of veggies, including those with calcium like kale, spinach and broccoli. Should I be worried? I am 50 now, and not yet pre-menopausal (mom was 55 when she went through the change) but I wonder whether I should be concerned about this?

I also went walking four times this week to make up for very little exercise last week.  Since I return to work on Monday, I'll be trying to get back into my routine of 3-4 workout videos per week.

Last night I made a nice BBQ Pulled Pork modified slightly from a recipe I found on Veronica's blog. I had found some pork tenderloins on sale and thought I'd give it a go.  It was nice - not overly BBQ flavoured but then I was using only a small amount of a no-added-sugar (low-carb) BBQ sauce. I added regular BBQ sauce to the sandwiches I made for hubby and he said it was really good! I love finding new recipes that we can both eat. :)  As you can see, I've got both tomato and red capsicum (bell pepper) in the salad, so still adding occasional Phase 2 foods to my meals.

Anyway, glad to report my first loss for the near, even if it wasn't a big one.


  1. I forgot to add my Atkins shake with unsweetened almond milk. There is calcium in the milk and the shake mix as well and I have one nearly every day.

  2. The pulled pork looks delicious. I really should use my slow cooker more often. I don't take calcium supplements but do worry about getting enough in with food.

  3. I honestly don't know about the calcium, Anna. It sounds like you are getting a fair amount in your foods. You could go to your physician and get a bone density test done, and ask if there are other methods to check.

    You are doing so great, though! Congrats!

  4. In the book "Wheat Belly" Dr Davis talks about taking calcium supplements and likens them to "throwing concrete out of a window and expecting it to form a path". It is not the calcium we eat that is important, it is the calcium we leach. A diet high in wheat will deplete and leach calcium. Eating lots of multi coloured vegetables, protein and real, unprocessed food is the best thing you can do for your bones.

  5. Thanks guys, and as I said, the scale is just a tool and an inexpensive one at that. I don't think a $39 scale is going to be the best at analysing these percentages ... from my reading they said the more expensive the more accurate so I won't worry too much. But at some point I will go back to the doctor if only to tell her she was wrong and I didn't need weight loss surgery and asking her to recheck the tests she did previously to show I'm not pre-diabetic anymore. Wonder what a glucose tolerance test will be like now that I'm off carbs and glucose?

  6. I eat full fat cheese and veggies like kale, spinach, broccoli. I also include full fat milk.

    We all have to take our dietary needs, fitness, health issues into account and eat the correct balance that is good for us. A friend who is a GP did stress to me that she feels it important for women over 50 to make sure adequate amount of calcium is included in food plans.

    All the best Jan


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