Wednesday, December 18, 2013

TaeBo this morning and another drop

Yes, I thought I'd try a different workout, one I haven't attempted in a longtime ... TaeBo Cardio! I did OK, though I did go just a bit under tempo on some of the combos to keep from losing my balance. Also, I didn't have enough time to finish it all but I figured half an hour was better than nothing, so I just stopped and cooled down about 32 minutes into it. It was a good workout!

I was pleasantly surprised by 106.9 kg this morning (235.67 lb) which is 23.4 kg (51.6 lb) to date. Let's hope it stays there or lower through the end of the week. Really I'm not worried, I plan to stay the course and keep losing through the holidays ... why not break with tradition? :)

I'm off to make some lean beef burgers on salad for dinner. Yum!


Lynda said...

You know, it won't be long until you are under 100! Keep up the great work Anna, you are doing so well.

Anna Down Under said...

Oh I hope so, Lynda, thank you! I especially look forward to 90 kg because that will mean under 200 pounds (198.4) which will put me in Onederland! :)

Primal Gwen said...

You are doing SO well, at the roughest time of the year! I love to see you so fully committed! It's inspiring!