Sunday, December 1, 2013

Surpassed 20 kilos! (45 pounds down)

I've been wanting to hit this goal for the last couple of weeks, and today is the day! Not only have I hit 20 kilos, but surpassed it! I am 109.9 kg (242.29 lb) this morning, down 1 kg (2.2 lb) from last week, and 20.4 kg (44.97 lb) overall! Woo hoo!

Of course 20 kg is a nice round number in Australia but I still think in pounds, so I'll probably get excited again when I hit 50 pounds gone. :)

Now, that Turbo Jam workout ... Oh am I feeling it this morning! Mostly cuz of the Capoeira moves which you'll see at the very start of the clip I shared yesterday ... It's like you're about to turn to the side to do a cartwheel but then you come back up and go to the other side, so you're bending right, then left, back and forth repeatedly. My sides are exactly where I'm feeling it.

So that was three workouts this week, increasing in intensity, and this morning I went for a half hour brisk walk. I was quickly reminded of why I prefer to get my exercise indoors, as today is officially the start of Fly Season, or Summer as they call it here. You have to swing your arms as you walk to keep shooing them out of your face!

I just made a lovely lunch of heart smart rump steak which I cooked in a grill pan then spread a bit of Dijon mustard on it. On the side I had a large salad of kale, cucumber and a bit of tomato and yellow capsicum (bell pepper) with a fat free very low calorie Italian dressing. I've started to let a few Phase 2 foods in, but mostly still eat Phase 1. But I do love the yellow and red capsicums so much, raw or cooked. Mmm mmm.

I have found a new recipe to try this week that should be Poon friendly if I leave out the salt ... it does use a can of tomatoes though, and I doubt I can find that without salt. I wonder how many fresh tomatoes it would take to equal a can of diced ones? I could always chop my own. Anyway, I'll share the recipe soon. I'm off to do my grocery shopping for the week.


  1. so...jealous....and proud! :) you rock, but you know that already.

  2. Well done, fantastic milestone to reach. Keep going - it is worth it!

  3. Chop your own! Look at the can for how many ounces (or metric equivilent), reduce by about 30% for water, and chop to match!

    AND CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You are kicking arss! :)

  4. Great news - keep it going.

    Love the sound of your rump steak and salad.

    All the best Jan

  5. Well done, you are doing great. :)