Saturday, December 28, 2013

Post holiday weigh-in

So remember I dropped to 105.8 kg (233.25 lb) on Christmas Eve? Well on Christmas we ate at the in-laws, and while I have never had a 'cheat' yet on this plan, not even during the holidays, I did have less control over the foods I ate. They served chicken, ham, pork and turkey but these were either picked up from the local fish and chip shop or store deli so the sodium content was high. I did bring my Fauxtato salad since most of their sides had stuff I don't eat. They did have garden salad as well. So I basically ate meat, Fauxtato salad and garden salad. Being at the in-laws sitting outside all day I also found myself drinking sugar-free Pepsi Max rather than water. I didn't want to be running to the loo a lot while there.

The next day the scale was back up to 107.1 kg (236.12 lb)! I returned to normal eating Thursday but still wasn't drinking much water as we were over at the in-laws again waiting for family to arrive from Melbourne. Friday morning I weighed in at 107.6 kg (237.22 lb)!  I was so worried because we did a second Christmas when they arrived with essentially the same foods, so I made the same choices. Everyone sat around drinking and munching Christmas treats 'til it was nearly dinner time, and I knew they would bring out the leftovers for dinner. So I made my excuses about needing to take the dog home to feed him and that I was tired and would probably stay home for a rest. I made my usual breakfast for dinner and was so happy to be back on my normal foods again. I also drank lots of water!

I was so worried this would be the first week I had a gain, despite not indulging in any treats. So you can imagine my delight at seeing 105.1 kg (231.71 lb) this morning! I usually take my official weigh-in on Sunday but I am so happy with this drop that I had to share it now.

So that's down 1.4 kg (3.09 lb) from last week, and 25.2 kg (55.56 lb) total in 19 weeks. Was it all the sodium and lack of water? The fact that we've been sitting around a lot and I haven't done much exercise this week? I don't know but I'm happy with today's weigh-in for sure. Hope you all had a good Christmas!


  1. down 5.5 pounds in a single day? Wow!

    congrats on surviving Xmas.

  2. Well it had gone up most of that in the three days before, remember I was 233.25 on Tuesday. I'm guessing it was water weight, but wherever the sudden gain came from, I'm just glad it left even quicker. I have only been seeing these fluctuations in recent weeks and I don't like them, but as long as the end result is a drop each week I really can't complain.

  3. Weight goes up and down all the time but well done on your new weight!! Just think what the new year will bring :)

  4. Thanks Lynda ... I'm hoping to reach goal by the end of the new year, but either way I'll be much healthier this time next year!

  5. The holidays sure do provide some roadblocks that are tough to navigate. You want to reach goal weight more than you want that food so congratulations to you. Food is such a momentary pleasure but goal weight, health, nice clothes, and all that provide so much more gratification and we get rewards along the way with smaller sizes and greater endurance. Hang in there.

  6. Hey Anna well done and here's to a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year

    All the best Jan

  7. You did well during Christmas then. :) Keep up the good work!


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