Monday, December 23, 2013


I did take measurements just before starting this program and hadn't thought about them again until a friend who's a personal trainer recently suggested it was time to take them again. I knew how hard it had been to take them that first time, with no discernible waist and how hard it had been to hold the tape properly so they probably weren't entirely accurate. Still, she said it would still be a good idea so yesterday I gave it a go, not sure what to expect. Some areas I lost more than expected, and others less. I will say since my cup size hasn't changed that bust loss is mostly back fat loss.  In any case, here are the results for what it's worth. The totals lost are in bold at the bottom. Not bad?

Click or tap picture to view chart full size.


  1. don't discount the loss of back fat! Fat is fat! Congrats!

  2. Oh I'm not ... that's definitely a good thing! I don't want to lose all my bust, but some will have to go eventually or I'll be off balance and falling over! Lol

  3. Wow, Anna! Great progress indeed, and in only a matter of months - you should be SO very proud of yourself. Hope you are :-)

    Now you've done so brilliantly, hope everything continues to go to plan, and that you have a wonderful low-carb Christmas. I'm sure looking forward to mine.

  4. Well done Anna - I found that measuring myself as I was losing weight was a great boost. I loved seeing evidence of getting smaller (and still do) !!


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