Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wow! How did I miss this?

When I reported my weekend weigh-in I missed a very important figure ... I really don't know how I missed this, it stands out so much now on my weight log. My goal weight is 150 pounds. While the charts would probably say I should weigh 125-130 pounds, given I'm not quite 5'4", I chose a goal of 150 as a realistic weight for me to aim for. Who knows how I'll feel once that number draws nearer, but that's my goal.

So when I dropped below 250 pounds finally, that meant I now had less than 100 pounds to go! How on earth I missed that I don't know, but being as I saw another drop this morning (112.8 kg / 248.68 pounds) I noticed it now! I'm so used to seeing 100+ pounds to go, I must say that 98.77 pounds left looked pretty darned good. Yes, there's still a ways to go but with close to 40 pounds gone (38.58) and a strong determination to stay the course, I am we'll and truly on my way.


  1. You have become quite the rock star, Anna! I'm so happy for you, AND so proud of you!!

  2. "I am we'll and truly on my way."

    And feeling good .. keep on, you are doing so well

    All the best Jan

  3. Hi Anna

    Well done on your losses.. sorry I've just caught up on a few posts. About the family not noticing your loss I say that it could be jealously. Many people are jealous of those who succeed... just wait until you lose more and more - they will notice!!

    Keep going, this can be done and I love that you are embracing all the new concepts out there (ie Grain Brain etc).


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