Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shopping day

Yep, I have been shopping with my sister-in-law as I was sick of wearing shorts that were too loose on me. I had one pair of jean shorts that I squeezed into somehow before I started Dr Poon's diet, but just barely. They were a size 22 while I was clearly a size 24 at least. So as I lost weight they became much more comfortable, then loose, then too loose. I had a pair of 3/4 length jeans in the closet a friend had given me, and they were a size 20. I tried those a few weeks back and they fit! I didn't like the length though, and rolled the cuffs so they came just below the knee.

So we were at the mall yesterday and stopped at My Size, a store we don't have by me. I found some shorts I liked and even a couple of tops my sister-in-law talked me into trying. The sales lady noted I had grabbed the size 20 shorts and suggested I take an 18 to try as well. I don't want them tight and uncomfortable, but at the same time, I am shrinking so I don't want them too loose in a couple of weeks. So I thought what the heck. I tried the 18 first, preparing to have to fight to get into them ... but they went on and even zipped fairly easily! Size 18! Seriously, a size that isn't in the 20s? Nice NSV! I can't even remember how long it's been. They were snug, there was no point trying a 16 yet, but they went on easily and fit comfortably. I did cringe at the $90 price tag but they looked good and made me feel good so I bought them. I liked one of the tops but they were also $90 each so I passed on those and went to Target where I found a cute new top to go with the shorts. Guess what? It's also an 18. Wow. But it was only $30 so I felt better getting that.

I didn't plan to spend on my wardrobe as I am changing sizes. I do have tops at home that I'll soon be fitting into, but not enough summer ones. But those shorts ... well I just had to get them. I don't generally like shopping as I don't particularly like today's fashions, most are rather ugly, and even if they're not they never look good on me. But that will change as I get smaller, right? Fingers crossed.


  1. Anna, that is just wonderful! I am SO SO happy for you!!!!

  2. That's great to fit the smaller shorts. One thing to remember, as they were expensive, when you lose more weight they can easily be made smaller so you get more wear out of them. I have a couple of pairs taken in from the waist right down - it you can't do this then any alterations place can do it.

    Well done :)

  3. Thanks Gwen! Lynda, I'll bear that in mind ... I don't sew, unfortunately, but I could have them altered or, as I've done in the past, sell them on eBay and make back some of the money. Plus size clothes in good condition usually sell ok.

  4. Wow that is awesome! Is there any way you could post some typical days of eating for you? I am having trouble coming up with ideas for variety of low carb meals. And I'm just curious, do you snack at all?

  5. Your dislike of shopping probably won't change as you get smaller. I never liked it; it didn't matter to me when I was a size 4. I still didn't like it. (But it was way easier for me to find things in charity shops!)

  6. You're probably right Eowyn ... I really dislike modern fashion!


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