Saturday, November 16, 2013

Eating Out on the Road

Ok so I've got a week off work and we're on a road trip to Melbourne, stopping half way for the night. I did pack some Poon friendly lunch items, but when it was time for dinner we took a wander around the corner from the motel. He'd located a bunch of eateries nearby but they didn't look promising for me. So we went to the pub as they had a $10 rump special. We each got one ... his with chips (thick cut fries) and mine with salad and veggies. The only things not Phase 1 friendly were carrot shreds in the salad and a small slice of corn on the cob ... I gave the corn to hubby and picked out the carrot.

I was worried about the meat being salty, but since I don't use salt anymore I can always taste the smallest amount and I was pleasantly surprised that it did not taste salty. I cut off any fat and enjoyed my meal. The only thing I couldn't do was drink my water today. Being on the road for five hours I did not need frequent bathroom breaks, but I did have a couple of good size glasses with dinner.

Tomorrow we'll get an early start and hopefully be in Melbourne by lunch time. Ok late lunch, between 2 and 3pm I figure. I'll do weigh-in results tomorrow (yes, I brought my scale).


  1. Great day for you! I do the same thing when traveling, and don't get in my water as I should. Keep up the good work. You should be quite proud of yourself. :)

  2. Eating on the road is a challenge but you are doing great. The dinner looks delicious. I am so impressed you brought your scale with you. That would be terrifying for me on the road

  3. Rump steak, salad and veggies.

    Yes, I can definitely enjoy that for lunch or dinner.

    I generally find when I'm out and about most restaurants will accommodate my LCHF lifestyle.

    Take care, and have a good week off work

    All the best Jan

  4. Thanks guys ... I am worried if the lack of water will affect my weigh-in, but hopefully not.

  5. Eating well while travelling can be done, as you have found out. Don't worry if the scales don't say what you want - within a week of being home and back to your normal food they will get back to normal too.


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