Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Another drop while eating away from home!

Very pleased to see another drop this morning, down .6 kg (1.32 lb) and this isn't my official weigh-in day yet. I'm closely monitoring it during a week of eating away from home where I don't have my Poon approved meals handy. Eating what others cook, be it someone else's home or a restaurant, means I have less control, so I have to be careful about my choices. So that puts me at 111 kg (244.71 lb) and 25% through Milestone 4 already! My loss to date is now 19.3 kg (42.55 lbs).

Rebecca commented on my last post that she'd like to see a typical day's meals and asked whether I snack. I do not snack between meals, mostly because I don't get hungry. Sometimes I have to remind myself to stop work and have lunch. If you tap the Recipes link in the top right of my blog you will see the meals I make most often. I like casseroles best but sometimes it's just meat and veggies or my favourite, burgers on salad. Yum!

Breakfast is almost always scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, and a protein shake. I put one whole egg and half a cup of egg whites in a microwave safe bowl, add fresh ground black pepper, stir and microwave one minute. Stir again and cook another 30 seconds. Sometimes it needs a little longer but if it's mostly cooked I tear three thin slices of low-sodium ham into pieces and spread on top, then add Poon-approved very low-fat cheese (about 1/4 cup shredded) on top. Then microwave 20-30 seconds more and let cool slightly while I make my protein shake.

I'm allowed one shake per day and the only one available here that fits Dr Poon guidelines is Atkins. I mix one cup unsweetened almond milk with one scoop chocolate shake mix, and shake very well as it doesn't always dissolve completely. During the week I have it after my eggs, but on weekends I might have it after dinner as a dessert.

Lunch and dinner are recipes from the Recipe page on my blog. I make Leigh's Lazy Cabbage Casserole nearly every Sunday and have leftovers for lunch Monday through Thursday. Then I'll make other meals from my Recipe page in the evening and often share with hubby, but making sure I have leftovers as the week draws to an end so I have lunch for Friday and a meal or two leftover for the weekend. I don't always have the Lazy Cabbage Casserole for lunch, I might swap my leftovers around and have it for dinner, and some weeks I don't make it at all, but it's definitely my most frequent meal as it makes a lot so I can cook less often.

Saturday and Sunday I might not eat three meals ... I sleep in later and might go for a walk when I get up ... it's more of a brunch meal plus dinner, so often only two meals on the weekend but only because I don't get hungry. If I am hungry, I eat something.

This week has been quite different as I'm away from home but I've still been having the eggs every morning. The store here only had the pre-mixed Atkins shakes, not the powdered mix, and they are more expensive and not as good, so I only bought a 4-pack and have one when I feel like it. Whatever meals they make, I either only have the meat with some salad and veggies, or when they made a stir fry using a sweet chili garlic sauce over noodles, I made a separate stir fry in a smaller pan with water, a little soy sauce, garlic and ginger, and had cauliflower rice instead of noodles.

We have gone out to lunch a couple of times, first to a place called Grill'd where they do gourmet burgers and chips (thick cut fries). I had the Tuscan Delight, which was a grilled chicken breast, roasted red peppers, basil pesto, cheese, salad and herbed mayo. I just had it in a bowl instead of on a bun, so it was a bed of lettuce, a couple thin slices of tomato, the chicken and cheese, with the herbed mayo on one side and pesto on the other. The mayo and pesto were both so delicious I just dipped my fork in each as I ate and it was enough. Hubby used most of the mayo as chip dip.

Today we went to a different place, I don't recall the name. But when the waiter realised I was trying to pick the lowest carb option and swap out the rice for extra veggies, he offered to make a custom meal to ensure the sauce would have no carbs. It was grilled chicken medallions, grilled veggies and a delicious creamy mushroom sauce. I am sure the restaurant meals have more fat than I should be having on Dr Poon, but they didn't seem salty and I'm not too worried as I still lost today and most meals I'm eating are home made where I have more control. And Sunday I'll be back to my normal menu anyway.

Life throws you curves, holidays and travel happen. You just gotta make the best choices you can and get back to normal ASAP afterwards. So that's what I eat. I hope it's helpful.


  1. You are doing outstanding! I've started snacking a bit on nuts; I gotta just stop that. You inspire me!

  2. Thanks Gwen, I find my inspiration from other bloggers, including you! And I love your new look!

  3. Well done on the eating while travelling! It can be done. I have a friend who is on a similar diet and has lost 60 kg to date... exciting to watch the weight go down.

  4. It is exciting, Lynda ... I have never had success like this, no stalls, not hungry, and feeling really good all the time. I'm loving it!

  5. As others have said - you are doing well.

    It is good to read others blogs and exchange news, views, personal experiences. By doing this it can only be helpful .......

    All the best Jan

  6. Awesome Anna! I eat out all the time, and did throughout my weight loss. You are making fabulous choices!

  7. Thanks Leigh, good to know! I gave up a weekly lunch out with hubby every Saturday when I started this plan. This week has made me think we can start again. He misses it, and it doesn't have to be weekly, but maybe every fortnight (2 weeks) when I get paid.

  8. You are doing absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much for posting about what you typically eat, it is helpful! I have probably been snacking too much...not really from hunger, but I think from habit! I really need to stop that!


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