Friday, October 4, 2013

Burgers and Fauxtato Salad ... Yum!

Tonight I had burgers made from extra lean, heart-smart ground beef mince. Since we don't have low-sodium bacon here, I used two thin slices of lean, low-sodium ham and fried it like bacon, then melted a bit of Kraft LiveFree very low-fat cheese on top. Australian bacon is nothing like American bacon anyway ... it's more like what we call Canadian bacon so it tastes the same as ham to me anyway. They were good, topped with a bit of low-fat mayo, mustard and no-added sugar ketchup. I even allow myself two thin slices of pickles on each one as I've checked and it doesn't put me over my sodium limit.

Instead of serving it on a bed of leafy salad greens, tonight my side-dish was mock potato salad using cauliflower as a stand-in for the potatoes. I know, I was suspicious too, but it really was good! Which is fortunate since I made a double batch! I've seen several versions of this online, but fortunately a lady named Mona has already Poonified it! Her recipe is below, and the only changes I made were leaving out the radishes and chopping a small dill pickle to stand in for the relish and dill. My husband thought the texture wasn't quite the same as potatoes, but it doesn't need to be ... The flavour is just right! Give it a try!

Mona's Fauxtato Salad (Phase 1 friendly)

1/2 large head cauliflower
2 green onions
2 stalks celery
2 radishes
2 hard boiled eggs
3 large tablespoons Hellman's lite olive oil mayo
1 tsp Mount Olive sweet relish
1/2 tsp dried dill (can use fresh if you have it)
ground pepper
Steam cauliflower until just tender crisp.  Set aside and allow to cool.  Cut into pieces. Chop onions, dice celery, and finely dice radish. Chop or mash the eggs with a fork.  Add just enough of the mayo to meld everything together.  Unlike potatoes, you will use much less mayo.


  1. Anna - your blog posts seem so much more upbeat since you started eating Poon style. Aside from losing the weight, it seems to affect your attitude, which is reflected in your writing. Continued good luck to you on your journey:)

  2. Wow, thanks Marc - what a lovely thing to say! I'll tell you, I FEEL better. Yes, seeing the weight come down is great, but I really do feel better, physically and mentally.

    Part of it I'm sure is taking control of my eating, not letting insulin control me like it once did. I used to eat a meal, and then an hour or so later I would be hungry again! Not just "I could eat a little something" hungry, but sometimes ravenous! And I'd berate myself, like "What's WRONG with me!? I just ate, why am I hungry again?" And of course I'd feed the hunger every time because it was unbearable.

    I no longer feel that way, and it's amazing to me. To actually eat a normal size portion of healthy food and be satisfied for HOURS is truly amazing when it's something you're not used to. So thank you - I'm really feeling much, much better. :)


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