Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 6 weigh-in plus an NSV!

Six weeks in and here's the results:

So my lowest loss to date, yet I lost the same amount of fat that I did last week, just less water.  As long as I'm losing fat, I'm happy, but it would have been nice to get below 120kg.  In any case, my total to date is 10.3 kg (22.71 lb) which I think is pretty good in six weeks.

I did have a NSV or Non-Scale Victory this week which I was rather excited about. When we go tp get petrol hubby always fills the tank and I just reach down and pull the switch to open the fuel door.  For some time now I've had to undo my seat belt to reach it as I couldn't bend down far enough due to my size.  But not today!  Without thinking I just reached over and pulled it and suddenly I realized - I still have the seat belt on!  It's a silly little thing, but I instantly proclaimed it an NSV.  Why not!?  I'm quite happy with that.

Oh - and maybe this is another one. I've been meaning to increase my Walk Away The Pounds workouts from 2miles to 3miles, but so far haven't had the time or the energy. But Saturday I did it - got 3 miles in, so that will be the goal from here on.

There's another workout I've been interested in trying ... DDP Yoga. They have some amazing success stories here.  The first one, Arthur, has a video about his journey that I remember seeing awhile back - it really inspired me, so I'm thinking about trying these workouts.  Have any of you tried them, and if so, what did you think of them?


  1. that is a NSV for sure! A loss is a loss. Those littles suck but they do add up!!.(Says the queen of impatience) LOL


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