Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I worried about the wrong thing

Instead of worrying I wouldn't fit in the plane seat (I did) or that I'd need a seatbelt extender (I didn't), I should have worried about getting hubby's cold (I did!) ... which for me always turns into a full blown sinus infection. So I've got cold pills and antibiotics, but have felt pretty miserable since Saturday night.  The worst part about flying turned out to be the descent when my ears popped and crackled, then the left one was in terrible pain and then plugged up ... it kind of felt like when you get water in your ears. The pain was bad. The ear is somewhat better today but I'm in a gorgeous holiday destination, the weather is lovely, and I'm too sick to enjoy it. This totally sucks.

So my first day here was spent mostly in bed. Not feeling too much better this morning but I want hubby to have a good holiday. We won't be driving anywhere with me in this condition, but hopefully I'm well enough to walk around a bit and explore the area. I have been on antibiotics since Sunday morning so hopefully it will get better soon.  Wish me luck.


  1. Sick and on vacation is no fun:( Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Thanks Marc ... I went to the pharmacist first thing this morning and got some better meds with pseudoephedrine and codeine ... feeling better already. We walked along the beach trail, through the smaller mall, and went to lunch. I'm going to rest now while he explores a bit, but definitely feeling better.

    I did worry when the lady at the pharmacy said flight attendants are not allowed to fly with a cold as you can actually burst an ear drum! Mine was in pain, but fortunately still intact.


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