Wednesday, August 27, 2014

30 Days are up ... why am I not Shredded?

Well I've completed Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred - yesterday was the last day, and today I took photos and measurements to see if it had made a difference. During the past 30 days my husband seemed to think there was a difference, saying as he could "feel my ribs" more and all. And I felt like it was making a difference, especially as I moved up each level. I improved quickly, and was able to do the advanced move for several exercises. While I'm enjoying taking a break today, I've already looked into some new workouts to try in the coming weeks so I don't lose my progress.  So did it really make a difference?  First I took photos wearing the same clothes I wore 30 days ago, and frankly I was disappointed. (Left is 30 days ago, right is today.) I don't see any difference! Seriously, none at all!

I felt really disappointed after seeing those. Was it all for nothing? Hmm. Well, I also took measurements before starting, so let's compare those next.

28/07/2014    27/08/2014    LOST
R Arm13.75”13.25”0.5
R Thigh    25”24.375”0.625

Wow. Look, measuring yourself isn't easy, and it's hard to tell if you're in the exact same place each time, but the fact that they are all smaller than last time leads me to believe I have made a difference after all.  Overall I'm only about 3 pounds less than the start, and I sure wish I could see a difference in the photos - but I'm happy with the measurements. :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Down 102.96 lb in One Year

I started Dr Poon on Monday, 19th August, 2013 so I'm counting today, Monday, 18th August, 2014, as the one year mark. Might as well, I've done my weigh-in today, last week being a write-off due to monthly weight gain and having been sick since Thursday. I'm still sick, recovering from a sinus and upper respiratory infection, but slowly improving. So where am I at one year on?

Well today I weighed in at 83.6 kg (184.31 lb) which is down 0.6 kg (1.32 lb) from last week, and that brings my total for the year to 46.7 kg (102.96 lb) gone. Can't be unhappy with that!

Also, it was a long time crossing this marker, but I have finally surpassed Milestone 9 of 12 in the Happy Scale app, which now predicts I'll cross the finish line in January 2015. Let's hope so, that finish line fluctuates with each weigh-in, so it will depend on whether I continue to drop steadily or slow down closer to goal ... that happens to many people, so time will tell. My goal was  68 kg or 150 lbs, so that means I have only 15.6 kg or 34.3 lbs to go.

And where am I at with the 30 Day Shred? Well getting sick couldn't have come at a worse time, and yesterday was the worst day yet in that regard. I was supposed to be starting Level 3, and hadn't missed a day yet despite being sick. Hubby felt I should really give it a miss yesterday and I agreed, but the thought of missing a day drove me nuts. I put the video on just to watch Level 3 and see what I was going to be in for. By the time it was over I was getting changed, moving the coffee table, and restarting the video. I did it, I started Level 3. Like every other time I worked out when sick, I felt better during, and for at least an hour or so after showering, so I am glad I did it. It was my first time at this level so I followed the beginner modifications for everything, just to take it easy, but I did it. Only nine more to go and I will be done with the 30 Day Shred! :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

So I have both a sinus and upper respiratory infection!

Yup. Officially diagnosed and started antibiotics this morning. I haven't had a sinus infection in a long time, though I used to get them frequently connected with my allergies. I had attributed it to getting healthier and using my Avamys nasal spray regularly during peak allergy season. But whenever I am exposed to someone who has a cold or flu, I generally get a sinus infection. This time it's also a chest infection. Why do sick people insist on going to work? Stay home!

Anyway, I got my prescription, came back home, ate a small breakfast and took my meds. Then I crawled into bed for several hours, got up and decided to do my workout again today. Truthfully, while I was exercising, and even for a good hour or so after that, I felt better. Like I sweat it out or something, but of course it came back again and now my eyes are fighting to stay awake and my throat is so sore I'm ready to crawl back into bed now. Let's hope things are a bit better tomorrow.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Should you work out when sick? And Leigh's Chicken Ratatouille

I thought I'd share what we had for dinner tonight because it's one of my go-to favourites, so easy and really tasty. Suitable for Phase 2 on Dr Poon due to the tomatoes, it's Leigh's Easy Chicken Ratatouille. Hubby and I both love this stuff.

I needed something quick and easy, too, because I've been feeling like crap all day. The flu has been going around at work with several people off with it this week, and I just started feeling a bit of a cough and sore throat coming on as I left Wednesday. By that evening I knew I had it too. So I stayed home today - I hate when sick people come to work anyway and infect others - I mean, that's how I got it, so I wasn't going to do that to anyone else. But what awful timing! I'm in the middle of the 30 Day Shred! I definitely do not want to miss any workouts at this stage, when I'm seeing and feeling results, and I have just 13 days left. Whenever I get a cold or flu, due to my allergies it almost always turns into a full-blown sinus infection. I can see signs of it, but will know by tomorrow, and if that's the case I'll have to go in for antibiotics. So what to do about working out?

Well, I slept much of the day, but I just can't stay in bed all day, sick or not. So at 4:00 pm I made a decision. Hubby was a bit worried, but I decided to go for it. Maybe it would  actually help to work up a sweat! LOL So how'd I go? Honestly, it's only 20 minutes and went by pretty quickly as usual. There were only a couple of ab exercises during which the chest congestion was bothering me. I just took it easy on those exercises. By and large I didn't feel any worse for having done the workout, so I'm glad I did it. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. Ordinarily I would have no problem skipping workouts on days I don't feel well, but now? Right in the middle of the 30 Day Shred? It's not that one day would make that much difference, it's more about having committed to the 30 days and wanting to follow through. Some of the tougher moves have really gotten easier in the last couple of days, so I know it's making a difference.  I used to get frequent sinus infections but I haven't had one in a very long time now. So I'm off to bed, it's early but I'm fighting to keep my eyes open right now. I really hope I'm feeling better tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Down 101.6 lb and half way thru 30DS

This week I saw another drop to 84.2 kilos (185.63 pounds) which is a loss of 0.5 kg (1.1 lb) bringing my total loss to 46.1 kg (101.63 pounds) to date. Not sure where I'll be tomorrow though - hubby took me out for birthday lunch at my favourite Mexican restaurant. I have not been there since last year's birthday lunch because I started Dr. Poon's diet 19th August 2013. I was rather embarrassed that time because we dined outside, and they have these small, metal chairs with narrow metal poles for armrests. These chairs are not designed for bigger people. In fact they were so uncomfortable I had to ask the waitstaff to bring me a different chair. Truly embarrassing.  But this year?  I slid right into that chair no problem. That was a good feeling! They are still not the most comfortable chairs, but fitting into them is no longer a problem. Yay me!

When I eat out at restaurants, which is rare, I generally pick the lowest carb option and don't worry too much about fat and sodium. So I got the fajitas. I chose the pork and asked that they leave off the tortillas, but everything else was fine. They offered to substitute corn tortillas, but I said no thanks, I'm avoiding the carbs. So they asked if I'd prefer rice! LOL No, thanks - meat, cheese and veggies will do fine.  So here's what I got.  Nice healthy salad, fresh tomato salsa, not sure what the shredded pineapple was for so I left that and most of the jalapeƱos on the platter. I did indulge and let myself have the cheese, guacamole and sour cream.

Now it may look bigger than it was in this picture, but that's a small cast iron skillet, and a very small one that the salsa is in. I mixed spoonfuls of the meat, grilled green pepper, onion and mushroom mixture with the fresh salad and other toppings, and ate it off that small plate they gave me. At my first bite, as delicious as it was, I realised my error. The pork! It was pork carnitas - meaning it was cooked in Coca-Cola. Regular Coca-Cola, and boy could I could taste the sugar. My husband tried a few bites and he didn't think it seemed sweet, but I have not had any sugar in a year, so I sure could taste it. But I'd ordered it and there it sat before me. As hubby pointed out, it's my birthday and a once a year indulgence is OK. True, but I was really worried about getting any sugar back in my system that might set off cravings again. This program has been so easy to follow because I no longer crave any of the old junk I used to eat. And I don't want to go back there. But he's right, it was there and I wouldn't be back here for another year most likely, so you know what? I ate it. It was delicious. Sweet, but delicious.

I'm not sure I'll want to see the number on the scale tomorrow though. LOL Oh, and my boss has already told me not to bring lunch in, she's getting Thai. She had been asking me questions last week about how I deal with eating out and I said I rarely do, but usually don't have trouble finding something at a Thai place as long as they can leave the sugar out of any sauces. Sometimes they can't because they're pre-made ahead of time, but in those cases I'll just have a bit of garlic and soy sauce with stir fried meat and veggies. Later she said don't bring lunch on Monday (they tend to do lunch for people's birthdays) so I'll be eating out twice this week. Ah well ... I can handle it.  Sooner or later I'm going to have to start dealing with life beyond Dr. Poon, so learning to make the best choices now can only help.

Tomorrow marks the half way point in the 30 Day Shred - 15 days in, half way through Level 2, and I gotta tell you something cool my hubby said to me last night. We had just turned in for the night and before he wraps his arms around me to go to sleep, he usually gives me a little back rub and such. He's so sweet. So he stops suddenly and says he can feel my ribcage. I said I'm sure it's been gradually making itself known but he insisted even just a few days ago he couldn't feel it so prominently as he could now. Granted I'm laying on my side, everything falls to the front. LOL but I started feeling what he was feeling and wow, I really did feel different. I hope that means this is working and I will have a noticeable difference at the end of the 30 days. Wish me luck!

One more small thing -- see that ticker at the top of the page? It says my BMI is now 31.9. I started at nearly 50! Soon I'll be in the 20s and I can't wait. :)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

30DS day 11, the start of Level 2

I can't believe I've got 11 days done of Jillian's 30 Day Shred ... that means I started Level 2 tonight. It was certainly more challenging and I was dripping with sweat afterwards. Yet I felt the need to do some push-ups at the end as I was just starting to get better at those from Level 1 and we don't really do them in Level 2. Well, we do 'walk out' push-ups which are tough ... while standing you bend over, touch the floor and then walk your hands out to push-up position, do one push-up and walk your hands back, returning to a standing position. It's more whole-body work, less actual push-ups (though I'm doing them from my toes rather than knees) so I don't want to lose my push-up ability.

There are two ladies demonstrating the exercises, one with beginner modifications, the other advanced, high impact versions. I was pleasantly surprised that for some exercises I fell somewhere in between. I could squat lower or lift higher than the beginner example, but not as far as the advanced. All in all I did well.

My right knee twinges sometimes, and I have a strange little niggling side ache on the right that's been with me for a few days but I take it easy on those areas and they're ok. One thing I love about these 20 minute workouts is though they are hard, the time passes quickly.

Sunday is my birthday and hubby has been successfully hiding what he was up to for a good two months or more only to have his surprise ruined last night. He's got me an arcade game I've been wanting forever but that is so hard to find in Australia ... Centipede! They have it in multi-game cabinets like 48-in-one collections but those only have a joystick. It's very hard to play Centipede with a joystick! Anyone familiar with the game knows it requires a trackball to have the control you need to move around all those mushrooms and shoot the bugs! The original dedicated Centipede cabinets have to be imported from the States and there are very few to be found here. But he found one ... not in working order, so he's been getting it ready, replacing parts, cleaning it up etc. Yesterday his friend brought it to our house and they tucked it in the spare room so he could finish work on it. I rarely go in there so he figured it was safe. But my vintage sewing machine is in there and I'd taken in a pair of workout pants I wanted to wear so I popped in there to grab them. I didn't see it at first but heard him gasp when he heard me open that door ... I turned around and there it was in all its glory.

So the surprise is spoiled but I can't wait to play it once he gets it working. That may not be by Sunday because we think the monitor/picture tube is shot. Fingers crossed. Anyway, it will be an excellent addition to the game room. :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Did I lose 100 pounds, or is the scale messing with me?

I seriously don't know what to make of this week's weigh-in. I was hoping to beat last week's weight of 85.6 kg (188.72 lb) and keep moving toward my goal of losing 100 pounds before my one year anniversary date on Dr. Poon (19th August). That's not too much to ask when I'm this close, right? I know things have been crawling ever so slowly lately, but I still have a couple of weeks left to do it.

So Saturday morning I was hoping to see 85 kg or less. I get on the scale and see 83.7 kg.  Holy crap! Could it be true?  No way! I am not one to double-check but I seriously could not help myself, I wanted to see it again! So I got on the scale again and this time it said 84.7 kg. What? A whole kilo difference? I wasn't imaging it, it really did say 83.7 the first time - even the body fat, bone and water percentages were different the second time, and hubby saw the first number too, so it really did change. What the hell!? Third time's a charm, right? I checked one more time. Still 84.7 kg. That first weight must have been a fluke so I decided to go with the 84.7. Hubby suggested I check it again after my walk. OK.

We went for our walk and it was really chilly out. I was so cold I started running just to warm up. I ran for maybe 5 minutes, then walked with him and the dog for awhile until we turned back and that cold breeze hit me again. I ran for the next five minutes or so again, and walked the rest of the way.  When we got home I got back on the scale and this time it said 86.2 kg! WTF?  There is no way my weight can fluctuate 3-6 pounds in an hour! I was so pissed. I know the number on the scale should not determine my emotional state for the day, but after all these awful fluctuations to see a new low weight only to have it yanked away -- well it really hit me hard. I only lost about 1.5 kilos during the month of June, so I had really high hopes for July. Ending it pretty much right where I started is not fair. Not after teasing me with 83.7 then 84.7. Maybe the 83.7 was a fluke, but I got 84.7 twice so does it count? Do I write it down for this week or not? I was ready to give up, just throw in the towel.  Hubby said all the right things and supported me as he always does, but I just was not hearing it, I was pissed.

I was so frustrated I forgot to enter it in my weekly spreadsheet until late last night. Not sure what I should put, just for the hell of it I entered 83.7 kg to see what I would have weighed had that been real. It would have been 184.53 pounds which would have meant I had lost 102.74 pounds!  No way!  So what if it was 84.7 then?  That would be 186.73 pounds which would mean I had lost 100.53 pounds! Either way I lost over 100 pounds -- except for that final weigh-in after my walk which is still where I'm at today! I cannot believe I got to 100 pounds lost yesterday and it was yanked away because I went for a walk!? I feel like I was robbed, I really do. So what weight do I list for this week? I think the 84.7 should count being as I confirmed it and I usually weigh first thing, not after a walk. It's not where I am now but it would hardly be the first time I gained the day after a new low weight. Only this time it was an hour after!

I did some research last night and found that apparently getting different weights like that on my particular scale is not uncommon - there's a forum where people with the same brand and model scale as me complained about the same thing happening to them. But I haven't seen anything like that until yesterday. So today I dug out my old scale (which doesn't show body fat or water %) and it agrees with the other scale. Well pretty much, it says 86.1 instead of 86.2.  So that's where I'm at this week, I don't know what to make of it. Did I lose 100 pounds or not?  Do I write 84.7 or 86.2? I give up.